Raspberry Pi as a Car PC?

Note: This post was originally published on iamianwright.com it’s been moved here for archival purposes.

A few years back, before the iPad was announced, I installed a Mac Mini in my car.  It worked fairly well but it was limited by the available technology at the time.  The touchscreen was purely a touchscreen so you couldn’t use gestures, no flicking to scroll for example. See the video at the end for a demonstration.

It just occurred to me that the Raspberry Pi might be the ideal small scale PC for a car install.  With XBMC available for the Pi it is clearly capable of delivering all of the audio and video you could want although the interface would need rethinking for in-car use.  Although perhaps the idea of a car pc had become redundant considering the plethora of ever more advanced headunits on the market and the abundance of tablets available.

UPDATE 01/10/13: Looks like someone has been working on it after all and a nice job too.

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